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Top Rated Schools That Offer an LPN Degree

The first step in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is to find a good school that offers an accredited and state-approved LPN program. In the United States, there are approximately thousands of educational institutions offering LPN programs due to popular demand. However, not all schools are duly approved by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Comission (NLNAC) and which are not approved by the state's board of nursing. These two are critical criteria in choosing a LPN program as this will be detrimental to your application for the state licensure exam for practical nurses and for future career advances.

Top 19 Schools Offering LPN Programs

In reference to the website, the following schools were listed to be the 19 most popular schools in the United States that offer LPN programs:

Finding an LPN school is just the first step to your path in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Completing the training and passing the certification exam should be your next goal once you have found the right school for you.