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Process on How to Get an LPN Degree

A nursing career is considered by many as a rewarding job. Especially for an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), he or she will closely interact with patients on a daily basis. Doctors may do the diagnosis and examinations but LPNs are the ones assisting the patients all the way to recovery.

Types of Nursing Programs

If you want to know how to get an LPN Degree, you must check out all requirements of earning it. This would generally depend on the type or category of nursing program you will pursue. These are the following:

Associates Degree – You need a basic liberal arts, social science, or writing course to take this degree. The LPN Degree is often included here.

Bachelors Degree – The basic prerequisite for an LPN to earn this degree is to have additional liberal arts and nursing curriculum before successfully graduating in it.

Masters Degree – This includes various standards in GPA and coursework before being accepted in the Degree. The student should have finished their Bachelor’s Degree first before enrolling here.

Doctoral Degree – Students must work hard and have above average GPA to be registered. If you’re keen on specific research work and high administrative role, then aim to continue your studies to this level after your LPN Degree.

Steps in Acquiring an LPN Degree

You can enroll in vocational schools, community colleges, or even online to get an LPN Degree. Prepare an official high school transcript or any evidence of high-school comprehension in terms of academic skills. Before the school’s acceptance, the candidate would typically take a placement test or entrance exam. In some cases, the school is even requiring the new students to undergo drug tests or background screening. Other nursing programs also ask for a CPR certificate before accepting the student.

Finding the right school is also critical to get a nursing Degree. Some schools don’t support all nursing programs so it’s best to do your own research first before enrolling in that school. You will have approximately one year of training and then, you only need to pass the licensing exam called NCEX-PN to be an LPN.